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Single cylinder 1 feed machine.
8 yarn fingers for the main feed.
6 groups of yarn fingers for the patterns formation.Independent elastic yarn finger.
Machine with 8 groups needle by needle selection and 1 group with 4 steps sinker by sinker selection.
Independent adjustment of of ground stitch and heel through step motors.
Electronic adjustment of elastic feeder.
Control for the recovery of 4 independent heel yarn.
Increase of the speed in the heel and toe phases through an increase and decrease of the needles.
Cylinder and dial area moved by independent co-axial motors.
The system deal and controls with the maximum precision both motors, so creating the ideal synchronism of both phases of the edge loading and unloading.
The cutter-saw can be varied in speed in order to obtain the best length of the yarns cut. Possibility to completely stop the dial in any cycle phase.
The sinker cover is power-assisted in any phase of the stock cycle.
Electronic panel with the possibility to store a full range of sock models and patterns. Possibility to save the sock in any electricity breakdown. Possibility to do the automatic zeroing in any phase of the cycle.
Electronic control of each raising cams through sensor.

Socks and tights production with reciprocated heel. Socks with terry, selected terry and plain stitch for a maximum of 6 colours per course plus ground also in the elastic. Plain stitch with 6 colours plus floating yarn of tuck stitch. Possibility of 18 different colours on the same socks including the elastic selection. Possibility to have tridimensional patterns. Single or double welt with pattern.
Maximum speed: 250 RPM in plain stitch.
Diameter: 3.3/4" - N° of needles: from 84 to 220.

Classic Linking Device for the automatic toe linking.
BTSR Device
IRO or LGL Device