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Single cylinder, 1 feed machine. 5 Feeders groups unite to 7 yarn fingers for the main feed and 12 yarn fingers for the pattern formation. Independent elastic yarn finger.
Machine with 6 groups needle by needle selection. Independent adjustment of ground stitch, heel and transfer stitch through step motors.
Electronic adjustment of elastic feeder. Control for the recovery of 4 independent heel yarn. Increase of the speed in the feel and toe phases through an increase and decrement of the needles.
Electronic panel with e possibility to store a full range of sock models and patterns. Possibility to save the sock in any electricity breakdown. Possibility to do the automatic zeroing in any phase of the cycle.
The socks can be produced in the number of needles from 96 to 132 both in GG36 and GG24 without the change of the cylinder but only with the change of the needles.

Socks and tights production in plain stitch, terry and transfer stitch in the same sock cycle. Possibility to have the I and Y formation of the toe and true heel.
Horizontal stripes up to a maximum of 12 different colours from the ground.
Socks in 4 colours + ground + floating yarn or tuck stitch per course without transfer.
Socks in 2 colours + ground + floating yarn or stuch stitch per course with transfer.
Transfer stitch with transfer from 1 to 3 needles.
Diameter: 3.3/4" - N° of needles: 96 - 112 - 120 - 132 - GG 24/36
                                                           132 - 144 - 160 - GG 36

BTSR Device
IRO or LGL Device